Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vintage Big Boob Revival

During Hurricane Sandy boredom sat in rather comfortably without asking to see if I had any extra plates. An empty seat may have been made available yes, but no one sent a text or left a voicemail suggesting boredom RSVP or maybe bring some chips. So while it has taken another day away from my normal output, there is only one thing left to do: collect images from both a vintage big boob magazine and several contemporary photographs from various websites and construct a sort of revival periodical. This is a re-imagining, and essentially a dramatic second exhibition of a fetish publication from 1970. I have chosen a few pages that best represent the publication (images only) and brought them to date using similar images of current models. Enjoy. Feedback is welcome, as this is the first of what is hoped to be many Revivals...(cue "and If I were a jug o'wine, my flavor would be old").

front cover to Kingsize, vol 1 no 4 1970 /
Kandi Kobain
Page 6 / Lynn Pops
Page 9 / Sunny Leone
Page 15 / Billie Bombs aka Anna Carlene
(easily one of the hottest photos ever)
Page 18 / Daphne Rosen
Pages 28-9 Spread (Michelle Angelo is garters) / Katie Kox and Kristi Klenot

Pages 32-33 Spread / Boobs Donna aka Petra Lovka aka Dana Moravova and be-wigged Carmella Bing w/ stud

Page 36 / Stacey Adams
Page 40 / Dors Feline
Page 48 / the luscious Terry Nova
Your author wishes to thank all the lovelies herein for their own fetishes and adding some meat to this visual banquet. Hopefully I have been able to satisfy some of your hunger simultaneously igniting my admiration for both present and past. I claim ownership of the magazine Kingsize which I used to illustrate half of this post; the other images (those without identifying page numbers) have been culled from the world wide web.

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