Saturday, November 17, 2012

Checkers Anyone?

My bed has four pillows too!

Scouring the online, one is bound to find some comparison, sound or unsound, of his or her favorite celebrities. The comparison is likely to come in a few ways, drawing upon looks, interests, quips, styles, number of adopted children, what non-profits they contribute to, etc. This is a short photo-savvy comparison (appreciation) of two of today's curviest, pout'iest, bodacious'est starlets: Christina Hendricks (05/03/75) and Kat Dennings (06/13/86). I am a firm believer in the power of curves, especially the lasting control such things maintain in Hollywood. 

Kat began in commercials, Christina in children's acting theatre. Eventually both would make it to television, starting with lesser shows and moving their way to prime-time. Mad Men is the premier vessel for CH and the more recent 2 Broke Girls finds KD serving up a fantastic meal for the eyes. Each has their share of film credits, and Christina has decidedly more photo shoots; to my chagrin, images of Kat D actually grinning beyond a smirk are $40,000 apiece - meaning they're hard to come by. Both ladies even have a few "leaked" photos, those being any that have become available to the public which probably shouldn't have. Again, KD looks ghostly in her "leaked" nite-time nudie pix, and CH exudes about the same aura. But I will not feature any of those here, and will not contribute to the already broken privacy each woman strives to secure.

CH favorite food: spaghetti - KD favorite food: pomegranates
The nose on the right and the eyes on the left: A+ gals. 
Right is right.

 Both ladies know how to hold their spectacles properly. 
Is that a handsome man I see typing before me? Actually,
they're both about to jump into phone booths.
Note the prominent chins...something's gotta hold those bubba'licious lips up!
Left is right.

 One of the author's favorites of CH, so much packed into
such a compact bustiere. The rusty red can not be matched, but KD's
deep brown almost black locks keep us coming back
 for more of her homemade cupcakes.
Left is right.

 CH as Joan and KD as Max in their respective uniforms,
current get-ups for two television shows now airing. 
Watch KD's show if you haven't, it's surprisingly arousing and
captivating, in a sympathetic and lurid way all at once. CH has been
making all us men mad for the past five years, and hope she keeps IT UP.
Right is right.

 KD don't smoke. CH does, for our purposes. Is the smoke coming from
her cigarette, or is her bosom actually that hot? Yes.

Thanks for stepping into Mr. Wanka's boat for another mind-bending journey down slide-show tunnels and pitch-black alleys, where only the best tail stands with a high heel tapping the wet street, leaning against a dumpster, biting her fat, PHAT lip.

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