Thursday, April 18, 2013

Party Behind the Sign! Party Behind the Sign! Should I Bring Beer? Don't Bring Anything.....ANYTHING.

                Betty is back and with an invite to a swoiree. Where you ask? A naked party, natch.


Can't tell who's on the back, but she seems to be defying gravity as well.....

Front slipcase cover image of Vest Pocket Books Nos. 101 and 102. The first issues from the limited edition publisher, and they would only last for four titles. See my prior post concerning the last two, numbers 103 and 104. Now, the babe on the top, adorning "Carnival Pet" by Orrie Hitt (who loved to write the themed novel), is a woman named June Wilkinson. Below her is Judy / Judi Bamber, who was subject to one of my earlier shrines, posts. Why the mirror image for Judy and not for June? The art director obviously felt something would jar the prospective client from the dark side of sin to the lighter, playful side of sin. 

Rear blurbs for the Vest Pocket slipcased issues. Technically the publisher could be said to have produced 6 individual installments: nos. 101, 102, 103, 104, and two slipcased sets. My speculation, which helps to true understanding of this material, made on the basis indeed of speculation, is that one of two things happened. Thing the first: VP issued the titles separately, at 50 cents each, realized "Holy Shit, we made books that get lost in the lint trap!" They then issued two sets of two to regulate their package dimensions and fall in with the rest of the market, as opposed to being so outlying they simply become stranded. Thing the second: VP PRINTED the issues separately, at 50 cents each, realized "Holy Shit....," then super-produced these slipcases, upped the price to a buck, and distributed them. Hypothetically, concern lays in how long it actually took them to break even. 

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