Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Drag Strip Girl goes Up in Smoke

The beauty mark strikes again. Just a little dab off to the side oughta do it. Marilyn Monroe, Lili St. Cyr the stripteaser, and now, pinup/actress Judy Bamber. She hits the mark just right on the cover of a neat little paperback titled "Motel Girl," by A. E. Oliver. Published by Vest Pocket Books (no. VP104) as part of a double set, including a monochrome slipcase, alongside "Strange Sin," by D. W. Craig (VP103). The books are seriously vest pocket material, taping in at only 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches. But the set together measures, well, twice that. The first two issues (102 and 101) are equally scarce, and when they are found, they are found for premium prices. June Wilkinson adorns one of those issues. Judy was used for this cover in 1962. Who comes to mind when we take in the short blond curls, a full set of lips and its accompanying punctuation, and lithe form? "God Bless You, Lili St. Cyr!"

Here's some more Judy, in what is likely her natural hair color. She was the cover girl for Modern Man Magazine (April 1958), but I have lost the original covers and second leaf of my issue, so all there is to work with is this set of black/white photos, four years before her bleaching. 

Frolic magazine, April 1958. 

I like the way her eyebrows really arch up there, like St. Cyr's did. Judy has a bit of an elongated face, whereas Lili's was more rounded, like a cheeseburger! (num, num). One can barely makeout some tan lines too. Git yer magnifying glass and fog it up breeeathing heavy over this dame. Follow the bikini lines down the cleavage and imagine them finishing somewhere below the shoulders, and witness, her upper bronze stops at the halfway point on her bosom. That, my friends, is the spot and our "X." Start digging.

*top image culled from the 'net. Thanks.

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