Saturday, March 30, 2013

What Knockers!

Brandon House Book No. 610, 1963
A glamour girl named Bonnie adorns the cover of a book with the headline: "Women sold their bodies to any comer if he had the mater how bizarre his demand." I won't disagree that, yes, some models did turn a trick or two. Maybe it was predominant in the 1950s. Maybe the 60s. Highly likely the 70s, and even likelier the 1980s, but only the coke days of the 1980s. The childhood years of your maker, baby.

Meet Bonnie Logan, who showed up early in the 1960s and made a splash, after making a slightly different splash in the cool waters of Florida as a singer. She has a faintly and delicately distinct Latina vibe, but she hails from Wisconsin, and those dark curls, feather-shaped eyes and pink lips are closer to the weather-ready features of a winter-bred Canuck. Her magazine appearances generally stayed A-class, but later she could be found in a few instances bucking it up with chicks from the fetish side of the tracks. And why not, with those legs and the aforementioned traits and the certain look that says "I'm a step and a heel ahead of you, man."
Here are some topless shots of the little badger. I find more clothing / lingerie shots, but you can't beat a good reflective surface, though Bonnie's consideration to do so is more than any blogger can handle, and still git out some good thoughts. 

CANDIDA v2 n2, 1960
CLOUD-9 v1 n 5, 1960 (see Terri Higgins
post for cover, it's awesome)

 This could be a "what the shit happened to..." if I were concerned with her current status. Live and well, I trust, and my fondest regards, Bonnie. Once we get to the 1970s, that concerning type of writing can be assumed, but before that, we merely relish the delight of a grainy b&w image in a sleazy mag from ages past. "Glamour Girls: The Illustrated Encyclopedia" ranks her at #335, between Roberta Vasquez and Tami Roche. She may have ranked higher had she made the move from glamour and pinup to film and song, but then what's life without variety? And what's life without Bonnie Logan?

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