Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Banned Caper Case

VOL 13 NO 13, Dec 1969

See Magazines, dist. Kable. Once a major competitor of PLAYBOY. 
This issue notable for having been recalled in 1969 due to a potential "blindness and death" warning issued by the Food & Drug Administration...

stating that bodily harm could occur if the reader followed instructions on pp. 52-54 to "dissolve any two of these magazine pages in methyl alcohol - and drink the mixture." The reader was then suggested to look again at the blurry images to test their hallucinations. CAPER stated "the ink used in printing this issue has been mixed with diphenylphloroamyl-2-benzoate, a most powerful hallucinogen." While all this sounds fine, methyl alcohol is actually a deadly poison, and the diphenylphloroamyl has yet to be identified. 

Other features: Janine Labrune (layout), Paul Rader illustration, sultry blonde Ramona Elliott, space virgins fiction, Lee Marvin interview, lesbians, Sin art, "Lucrezia Borgia" film review, Rodrigues art, lithe Tracy Reeves, hot Sharon Wilson (center/layout), slender Phil Bloom, Bertrand Russell on adultery, dark Barbara, Herbert Huncke on junkies. Lili St. Cyr lingerie ad.

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