Friday, February 3, 2017

A Wintertime Affair w/ Greenleaf Paperbacks

[Greenleaf] Nightstand Books
No publisher (early issues), then San Diego, CA. Lurid paperbacks published by William Hamling in the 1960s, one of many imprints w/ pink or yellow spines, & early work by writers like William Knoles, Donald E. Westlake, Lawrence Block, Andrew J. Offutt, & John Jakes. Cover art was primarily Robert Bonfils, Macauley, & a few others. Lurid but still without certain 4-letter words until closer to 1970. A fantastic example of early Greenleaf/Corinth.
Hundreds of similar items have gone from one palm to the other in a matter of days. Winter here is not so much what's going on outside, because there isn't much of anything, but more focusing on what's more important inside, away from the light, like these little collectible pocket vampires. When there's not enough snow for your children to be impressed by, & when each photo snapped of them in the elements could be interpreted as a turn-of-the-century stereoview, it's time to nurture the Inner Self.

Popular themes explored:
  • Mountainside infidelity. 
  • Call girls, murder. 
  • Dance studio sin. 
  • Driving instructor sins.
  • Florida prostitution. 
  • Burlesque, murder. Soho London. 
  • Wall Street. 
  • Ex-child actor caught up in sin.
  • GI vice south of the border.
  • Burlesque, gambling.
  • Lusty co-eds. 
  • Depraved swingers.
  • Small town vice. 
  • Tabloid newspaper industry. 
  • Lusty real estate agent. 
  • Big business, stolen money.
  • Grifting.
  • Yachts, Jersey City.
  • Lesbiana, insatiable wives.
  • Lesbiana, gold-diggers.
  • Writer swapping.
  • Male lawyer escapades.
  • Lusty cruise, lesbiana. 
  • Revenge, gold heist, murder. 
  • Lesbiana, swinging. 
  • Jamaica, murder.
  • Insatiable housewife.
  • Murder mystery backwoods.
  • Ad execs.
  • Insurance industry, nymphomaniac.

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